Arrianne Glory

It’s always clear when Arrianne steps into the Sparc Studio. She brings a sparkle and energy that cannot be ignored. On any given day she may be working on a variety of different mediums including painting, costume design, mosaic arts, or photography. She is not only skilled in these creative pursuits but also has a gift for teaching others.


As a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, Arrianne has called Alaska home since she was thirteen. Arrianne enrolled in Service High School as a Freshman and did not speak any English at the time. She now speaks three languages fluently!  Arrianne discovered her passion for the arts as an adult and has been taking classes through The Arc of Anchorage since 2015. Currently, Arrianne has been refining her brushwork in her landscape paintings and hopes that viewers of her work pick up on her unique style and color choices.


In addition to Arrianne’s artistic passion, she has not let current events slow her down! Arrianne was recently recognized for winning the Alaska Special Olympics Walkathon in October, completing 703,796 steps (about 352 miles!)  Arrianne is always on the move captivating us with her creative spirit, joyful sense of humor, and kindness for others. Keep an eye out for what she has been working on next! Arrianne’s paintings, tile mosaics, and photographic works will be available for purchase soon on The Arc of Anchorage’s online storefront.