Sparc is an art studio and gallery that creates opportunities for artists who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. The location and facilities provides a platform for them to engage in self-expression as part of the community. Not only do artists realize their creative potential through the space, but it also provides a retail gallery where the artists with I/DD can take part in selling their own work. Supporters of Sparc can attend events such as First Friday shows, purchase artwork, or sign up for an evening/weekend workshop open to the community.



Please check out some of our artists and purchase some of their featured artwork!

Neil Hickock

Neil Hickok

Neil began his involvement with The Arc of Anchorage in 1971. It wasn’t until a friend suggested he take a class at Sparc: a creative place in 2002 that he tried his hand at creative arts. Upon first suggestion Neil declined but finally caved saying “okay, I’ll try one class to get you off my back!” He has been a dedicated maker ever since.

“If you think that you don’t have any talent, you should just give it a try. You might surprise yourself and find talent you never knew you had. Just give it a try, you never know.”

-Neil Hickok

Arrianne Glory-Member of Sparc Studio

Arrianne Glory

It’s always clear when Arrianne steps into the Sparc Studio. She brings a sparkle and energy that cannot be ignored. On any given day she may be working on a variety of different mediums including painting, costume design, mosaic arts, or photography. She is not only skilled in these creative pursuits but also has a gift for teaching others.

Andre Hogg-Artist at The Arc of Anchorage

Andre Hogg

“I have enjoyed making art all my life and have taken art classes at The Arc of Anchorage since 1994. My paintings and drawings are often done in series. In the past I have concentrated on painting stripes, cars and animals. I find inspiration in my daily interactions with people and enjoy looking at images in nature magazines. My favorite part of making art is the process and learning new techniques. Art has given me a way to express myself and just be in the moment, enjoying the process of creating.”