Classes – By Type

We have organized our classes by the TYPE of class. Feel free to explore our entire catalog and find the class that’s right for you, or select from the categories available and we can take you to whatever might interest you most. Follow your hearts desire and live you best life, let us help you to reach your goals.


PLEASE NOTE: You only need to sign up once for the weekly class. Class fees are only a single payment for the 6 month period.

Want to learn how to cook or sew? Learning any new life skill is a must for anyone wanting to grow!

Knowledge is power! Join some of our knowledge based classes to learn new facts and ideas!

You might be the next great artist! Sign up to join in some creative courses that are sure to expand your mind!

Relax and unwind with friends. Come play some boardgames. How about a rousing session of D&D?

Like to sing and dance? How does bowling sound? There’s plenty to do outside with friends, sign up today!