Classes & Events

Update! The Arc Recreation Center and Sparc: a creative place Winter Semester course offerings will begin September 14. Registration will open on September 1 with course options available on-site in small groups, one-on-one and online through Zoom.

Use the catalog options on the right-hand side of this page (orange buttons) to view a  digital version. If you would like a hard copy, please contact program staff at 907-646-5710 or

Note for on-site classes and events: Participants must attend with a support staff unless prior arrangements have been made.

 Click below to view a digital copy of our upcoming Winter Semester Catalog (registration begins September 1, 2020):

Click below to view a digital copy of our 2020 Summer Class Catalog:

Day of Event

Type of Event

29oct9:30 am1:00 pmSparc't Newsletter (On-Site)

29oct9:30 am1:00 pmSmall Group Explorers

29oct9:30 am1:00 pm1.1 Explorers

29oct10:30 am12:00 pmZoom Newsletter (Online)

29oct1:30 pm5:00 pmSmall Group Explorers

29oct1:30 pm5:00 pm1:1 Explorers

29oct1:30 pm5:00 pmStained Glass (On-Site)

29oct1:30 pm5:00 pmTrial Walking & Gym Games (On-Site)

29oct3:30 pm5:00 pmZoom Karaoke (Online)

30oct9:30 am1:00 pmSmall Group Explorers

30oct9:30 am1:00 pm1.1 Explorers

30oct9:30 am1:00 pmCoffee Chat (On-Site)

30oct1:30 pm3:00 pmZoom Special Events Committee (Online)

30oct1:30 pm5:00 pm1:1 Explorers

30oct1:30 pm5:00 pmSold Out!Painting (On-Site)

30oct1:30 pm5:00 pmSpecial Events Committee (On-Site)

30oct1:30 pm5:00 pmSmall Group Explorers

30oct3:30 pm5:00 pmZoom Social Hour (Online)